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Lambert's White Dove Release. Releasing doves for all occasionsLambert's White Dove Release - Releasing doves at Funerals, Weddings, Remembrance Days, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Barmitzvahs.

Releasing doves for all occasions Funerals, Weddings, Remembrance Days, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Barmitzvahs, Scattering of Ashes.
We have white doves located in Enfield, North London and Brighton, Sussex.

Credit and thanks to: Sophie Sheinwald Photography, Brighton, Sussex.

Releasing Doves

An experienced handler will arrive with the doves and meet the family at a previously agreed place.

The family or person who has booked our dove(s) will be handed the dove, ready for release in its carrier. They may release the dove(s) as and when they wish. Our doves can be removed from the carrier and released by hand if you prefer.

Our Doves

Each one of our doves has been extensively and carefully trained to navigate back to its home once released.

To find out more about us, our service and our white doves, take a look at Brighton Doves and Enfield Doves pages.


Please note that our doves cannot be released in adverse weather conditions or in the dark. Should such circumstances arise, we are happy to either re-schedule the release or provide a full refund. However, if there is a delay to your schedule and we are prevented from releasing our dove(s) prior to sunset as intended, please note that no refund can be given.

Get in Touch

Enfield, North London
We release our doves in London, Hertfordshire and Essex.
Phone: 07976 226 509
Email: info@lambertsdoves.co.uk

Brighton, Sussex
We release our doves in Brighton and Sussex.
Phone: 07746 450 814
Email: brighton@lambertsdoves.co.uk